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Numbness in your hands could be coming from your neck and lead to serious problems for many if not addressed.

The numbness indicates there is a neurological problem. Doctors of chiropractic specialize in the spine and neurological function of the spine. Numbness of the hands can be caused by misalignments of the spinal vertebrae contributing to muscle spasms, arthritis and spinal cord injury. A doctor of chiropractic will give you an examination and take an x-ray if clinically necessary to determine if the cause is structural, mechanical, or both. Depending on the area of numbness, it can be traced to a level in the vertebra of your neck. Could there be a disc problem? Have you had a car wreck (auto accident), a slip and fall, a sports injury, or other injuries that can cause damage that need to be addressed by specific tests?

Arthritis can be a factor and can lead to symptoms like numbness and tingling. Osteoarthritis (OA) is more common in persons over age 50. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is another possible cause. This can be detected by a blood test. This condition can affect persons of any age. Both are degenerative diseases but can be managed with preventative care such as chiropractic and therapy. Along with the chiropractic care some exercises might be suggested.

The numbness may last from minutes to weeks. It could also be on and off numbness, or worse at night.

Simple exercises can be done to gently stretch your neck muscles. These include turning your head to one side then the other, and then tilting your head to one side then the other. Doing these gentle exercise three or four times a day can help to relax the neck. Take a nice hot shower but follow it with ice on your neck where the nerves come out, or you can use frozen veggies. Avoid situations such as lifting or repetitive motions that impact your neck.

The key to ending the pain/numbness is to have your neck evaluated, and then adjusted to help increase function in the neck to relax the neck muscles and return to normal. 

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